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 satori yoga Philosophy 

   SATORI is basically a moment of stillness: of self-clarity.

  To find harmony between body, mind & breath - even for only a moment - can be a great challenge.

  For the mind to settle, one needs to explore the balance between self-acceptance and self-development.

  Key practice concepts that Tamblyn encourages are SPINAL INTEGRITY, BREATHING DYNAMICS & STRENGTH CONDITIONING.

  These enable us to engage with our opposites  - Power & Subtlety - to help illuminate all aspects of our inner nature.

  Meditation and self-enquiry are pillars of SATORI YOGA, helping one to behave & communicate authentically: beyond habitual patterning and outside influences.

   SATORI is a moment of enlightenment: a spiritual awakening.

 An experience stemming from a creative and joyful practice.

  It is enjoying the moment we are in - not the destination ahead.

   Life is an adventure... 

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